Understanding Your Human Design

Understanding Your Human Design: A Complete Guide

Have you been feeling the desire to get to know yourself on a deeper level? Are you wanting to understand how your subconscious mind works, what motivates your soul, and discover your purpose?

Then let me introduce you to the concept of human design, an in-depth system that will help you to understand how to make the right decisions in your life, based on a chart that is unique to you.


Since the human design was birthed by Ra Uru Hu in 1987, it has helped millions of people on their path to self-discovery and fulfillment in their lives.

The problem is, what exactly is human design, how is a human design chart read, and how can it benefit you from knowing your individual design?

Thankfully, the answers are all here in this article! Keep on reading to learn everything there is to know about human design, and why it will help you achieve fulfillment in your life.

What is Human Design?

The human design system is a theory that will help you to make better decisions in your life that will guide you towards your purpose and fulfillment.

It is a combination of thousands of years of esoteric wisdom, astrology, quantum physics, Chinese I’Ching, and the Western zodiac to form a complex chart of cosmic truth. This chart is so detailed that it requires a professional to help you understand it all.

This complex chart is called a bodygraph and has similarities that date back to the origin of the Kabbalah. The design is composed of nine chakras which are linked by 64 gates, with 36 channels of energy that flow through you.

Similar to an astrology reading, everyone’s chart has its own code depending on the time, date, and birthplace location of where you were born.

Each gate acquires its own traits, each of which expresses itself in one of six ways (or lines). This is where the mathematics comes in, The 64 gates plus 6 lines are actually identical to our DNA codes (no surprise) which is 64 codons with 6 groups of amino acids.

Coincidence? Not a chance! The coding is so similar to our DNA that it essentially explains that each DNA amino acid sequence has its own personality traits and essence.

An Explanation of the Human Design Types

Based on the imprint and coding at your exact birth time and place, each bodygraph determines specific characteristics about you and your soul’s calling. It is broken down into four main categories:


How you are destined to make decisions, which guides you to your soul’s highest calling.


How you connect to your body’s energy to help you make decisions in your life. This is broken down into two main authorities, inner and outer.

Inner authority helps you to attune to the wisdom of the body, connecting your body and mind to help you make decisions from your body’s intelligence.

Outer authority is your ability to connect to your authentic perspective, in other words, it is an expression of your uniqueness.


There are twelve profiles, each with a combination of your conscious and unconscious personality traits. Each profile has its own number combination that is unique to you. Knowing this will help you to avoid putting on false “personality masks or costumes” and help you to stay true to yourself.


This explains what type of person you are, and is broken into five major types:

Manifestor– This type has the ability to make decisions without waiting for the “perfect moment”. With an abundance of sacral energy, they are not destined for the typical lifestyle of Western culture. Their inspiration comes from within and they are able to create ideas from scratch.

Generator- Generators need to set strong intentions and let the universe put the pieces together before fully going after it. They are great at mastering new skills and have a strong toolbox of many different skills due to their ability to change directions and not get too attached.

Manifesting Generator– This type is very connected to their throat center, and also need to wait for a response before taking action. They are multi-disciplinary and fast at learning new skills which allows them to be productive at doing many things at the same time. This can cause them frustration when others are not as quick at picking new skills up.

Projector- This type is destined to be a leader and guide others by sharing their knowledge. They are not designed to work in a Western culture very well as they absorb the energies of other people. They struggle to be heard and have to wait for an invitation to speak up.

Reflector- The reflector type is the rarest type of human design, as they are a mix of all the other types combined. They help others make a decision, yet they have to wait 28 days before they make a decision themselves. This type tends to take on energies and sickness of others around them, which can be difficult as they also need to be around many people.

Each type has its own benefits, and not one type is better than the other. Knowing your type can help you to make informed decisions and share your unique gift to the world.

How to Use Your Human Design Chart

Once you know your type, authority, strategy, and profile, you have tools to understand yourself better and how to make a difference in your own life, and others. It is essential to know that your design is a way to help pull you out of the pressures of the mind and understand that the mind is not a very useful decision-making device.

Get More Human Design Information

There you have it! The complete breakdown of human design, and the benefits of knowing your own design.

This can be a hard concept to grasp, as Western society is designed to keep you in your mind, and out of your heart and body. This entire system challenges many people’s current ways of processing. However, the answers always lay within the world of the unknown.

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