A Complete Guide to Chakra Healing: How to Transform Your Life

A Complete Guide to Chakra Healing: How to Transform Your Life

Chakra healing and charka balancing are some of the most important overlooked features of the human body. We will start at the base of your spin and work our way through your chakra system. The best addition to your spiritual practices.


Chakra healing and chakra balancing are some of the most important overlooked features of the human body. We will start at the base of your spine and work our way through your chakra system. The best addition to your spiritual practices.

When you hear about chakras during a yoga class or healing session, you may wonder what the 7 chakras are and how they pertain to you.

Chakra literally translates to ‘wheel’ or ‘disk’ in Sanskrit. Of course, no actual wheels are used to deal with a person’s chakras. The wheel symbolizes moving, living energy within you.

Current research shows that our body conducts electromagnetic energy constantly. It is believed that you can manipulate the flow of that energy to encourage healing and general wellbeing.

Combine that with thousands of years of chakra healing in action, and you can’t help but be curious!

Below we will talk about the tradition of chakra healing. We will share some cool info on the 7 chakras and ways you can use that knowledge to transform your life!

Understanding the Lower Chakras

The first chakra you should know about is the root chakra. You can relate this chakra to the color red and the Earth, both of which run deep.

Located in your tailbone area, this chakra anchors you. This chakra also helps you feel grounded when you would otherwise drift aimlessly. You need a basic sense of confidence to meet basic needs like food, shelter, etc.

Below the belly button lies your sacral chakra.

Represented by water and the color orange, this is where your creative energy lies. Your imagination, sexual energy, and ability to change come together here.

If you imagine a cultural renaissance, these are often fueled by such creative energy.

The solar plexus chakra channels your sense of personal sovereignty or freedom of choice. You can be more independent or a bit of a trailblazer with a little effort.

This chakra is yellow and represents the fire within you. It is located around the top of your abdomen.

The heart chakra, represented by air and the color green, helps love and compassion flow through you. Think of the joy that comes with fresh air on a warm spring day.

Empaths give this chakra a lot of attention. Understanding and empathy come easier when the heart chakra is aligned.

Understanding the Upper Chakras

The throat chakra helps you regulate your inner truth. Communication thrives when the throat chakra stays in balance.

Located in the middle of the throat, this chakra helps you say what you mean and mean what you say. The throat chakra is blue and represented by the ether.

If you’ve heard of the third eye, you may already be familiar with this next chakra.

The third eye chakra helps you see the bigger picture in life. You use your third eye chakra, found in the center of your brow, for extra-sensory perception.

The third eye chakra shows up as a beautiful shade of indigo. Learning to manipulate your intuition can better align you with the universe. Remember the power of perspective and purpose when aligning your third eye chakra.

The highest chakra is the crown chakra. Sometimes called the “thousand petal lotus”, the crown chakra helps you manifest a life worth living and experiencing the beauty around you to the fullest.

This chakra is located at the crown of the head and the color violet. Poets may have used their capacity for thought to channel their crown chakra energy.

Signs Your Lower Chakras Are Out of Whack

Conflict is a natural part of daily life; however, you don’t want conflict or negativity to consume you. The chakras tie in external issues to our sense of internal balance and wellbeing. We will divide up the signs of imbalance by chakra.

Imbalancing the root chakra is like an earthquake shaking your foundation. In other words, if you feel shaken up, so to speak, or are struggling with imposter syndrome, you might need to align your root chakra.

Other common symptoms of a misaligned root chakra are soreness, low energy, or paranoia.

Are you feeling bored lately? Lacking inspiration?

Your sacral chakra indicates several emotional or behavioral issues. If you have addiction problems, increased UTI’s or a low sex drive, your sacral chakra needs attention.

Your solar plexus chakra suffers when there are major obstacles in your path. Feeling unlucky or useless can manifest in physical symptoms. Digestion and memory can be unpleasant reminders that you need to align your solar plexus chakra.

Burned bridges tend to affect your heart chakra. This is because your heart chakra helps you connect and relate to others.

High blood pressure or poor immune reactions can indicate that grief is seeping through that chakra. You may find yourself struggling to open up emotionally when you need it most.

Signs Your Lower Chakras Are Out of Whack

Rattled by a nasty argument? Embarrassed after a job interview? Your throat chakra may be out of alignment.

Throat chakra issues can translate to hormone issues or a literal pain in the neck. You may feel like you keep choking on your words or like you are being silenced.

Sometimes, an intense conflict can lead to your third eye chakra becoming imbalanced. Conflict mixed with other stressors can make us feel completely out of alignment with the world around us.

One way to tell whether your third eye chakra is blocked? You feel paralyzed. You struggle to make decisions or to understand your purpose in things.

Last, but not least, a messed up crown chakra can cause the most dramatic decline in your health. When you struggle to see the beauty in the world, you will likely see frustrating ripple effects throughout your chakras.

When you become deeply disturbed by events or people in your life, you may feel like love or peace are always just out of reach. Trauma tends to upend this chakra if not treated or addressed.

Ultimately, a disrupted crown chakra can make you feel deeply depressed or aimless. You may have unexplained headaches or chronic pain.

Chakra Healing Through Meditation

Once you know what is blocking your chakras, you can begin addressing them directly.

Meditation is a great way to regulate your chakras. Brain scans show that people can better heal inside-and-out from trauma using meditation and yoga.

The first step is to quiet yourself in a safe area. Look internally and focus on different areas of your body.

Look for tension or discomfort. Touch different places on your body, especially those containing each of the 7 chakras.

Once you have identified points needing alignment, you can use meditation or yoga accordingly. Yoga can help you move and open up your chakras.

You can either follow along to a video or use silence to help you focus.

Picture light or energy enveloping you, warming you and filling you with positivity. Imagine the tension or discomfort leaving any affected chakras, preferably focusing on one at a time.

Heighten positive sensations and thoughts with oils. You can choose a fragrance that excites or eases your mind, depending on what kind of energy you need. Lavender is almost always a hit!

Chakra Healing Through Diet

You are what you eat, especially when it comes to your chakras.

Use color as your initial guide to choosing new foods. Blue foods like blueberries can help your throat chakra. Strawberries and raspberries can balance your root chakra.

Bell peppers (especially orange) and oranges aid in healing your sacral chakra. Your heart chakra needs a healthy amount of green vegetables and fruits.

Chamomile and bananas help out your solar plexus chakra. Lemons can also help cleanse that chakra of unwanted negativity.

Lastly, Red grapes and herbs like thyme can soothe your crown chakra in times of need.

Chakra Healing Through Touch

A revolutionary approach to therapy is one of the most basic of our senses: touch.

EFT or the emotional freedom technique uses strategic tapping to awaken and heal your body. Tapping on a particular energy center helps you focus on it and any blockage afflicting the area.

The best thing about EFT is how straightforward the practice is. It encourages focus, curiosity, and personal exploration at an intimate level, things we sometimes lose as we grow into functioning adults.

Touch also encourages your intuitive side. Our truths call on us to look inward, like a mirror, using touch. With some practice, you can practice chakra alignment like the pros!

Don’t forget about communal touch. Touch affects us beyond the realm of meditation or yoga.

Hugging friends and loved ones, shaking hands, smiling, etc. are all ways we let positive energy flow through us. Take note of your daily gestures and how your chakras improve or diminish for each action.

Don’t Wait to Change Your Life

Working on your chakras teaches you how to better care for your mind and body. It also teaches you the importance of addressing blockages before they overwhelm you.

You don’t have to be an expert to benefit from the above tips on chakra healing- you just need a little trial and error. Soon enough, you’ll have an idea of what works for you!

Chakra healing starts with you. Join our mailing list for more tips and trends on health and wellness. You deserve it!