What Are Migraines?


What are migraines? A migraine is a very common ailment. Nearly half of the population will experience migraines at least once in their lives. The major difference between migraines and headaches is that a headache may be accompanied by nausea and light sensitivity to the point where you can no longer see clearly. It is this type of light sensitivity that gives migraines their common name – migraines. These headaches can occur at any time and can occur without warning. They may also have no known cause or effect.

Most people experience migraines while they are asleep, either while lying in bed or lying down. You can also get them when you are driving, and this is what may help us better understand what migraines are. Sometimes you will experience a migraine just before you drive. Also, these headaches can sometimes occur after you have driven. You may experience an attack even after sitting in the same place for several hours. Of course, this type of migraine can occur any time or place, but not all attacks occur at all times.

When you think about it, a headache is actually quite similar to a migraine. In fact, most headaches can be mistaken for migraines. Migraine and headache sufferers often try to avoid having migraines when their headaches occur, because the pain is so severe. This makes them prone to getting them during normal situations and possibly driving. Being aware of the fact that migraines can occur any time and any place may make it easier for people to avoid getting them.

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