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This past week I had the exciting opportunity to visit Portland and stay at the Jupiter Hotel near the downtown area. I love a quick little getaway to a great town. 

For those of you who have been following me for a while, know that I typically don’t post as many “personal” posts as I would like, but I’m making 2018 the year to start blogging more about my business adventures.

This past week I had the exciting opportunity to visit Portland and stay at the Jupiter Hotel near the downtown area. I love a quick little getaway to a great town.

If you’ve never visited Portland before, it’s a definitely a must-visit place you should put on your to-go travel list.  I love the charming coffee shops, small businesses and the proximity to nature.

building with a sign board on top that reads " Portland Oregon old town"

My grandmother recently moved from Minneapolis (where she lived most her life) to Portland.

She bravely did this instead of “moving into a retirement community” and chose to start a new life and live in a retirement community along the way. This was considered a new adventure for her instead of dredging along this thing we call life. Portland has turned out to best place for her to do this.

So this trip was the perfect excuse for me to blend a little business with personal reasons to also visit my grandmother.

Portland is a big city that still feels cozy and safe. There are food trucks, dispensaries, donut shops, and hipster coffee shops on every corner! There’s really no reason to not to like!

There’s a ton of cool old buildings that downtown Portland has either beautifully maintained and also revamped to retain its historical charm. (something about being charming but don’t use the word charming lol)

On this particular trip, I was lucky enough to stay at the Jupiter Hotel for the first time. First things first, I love a boutique hotel. There’s something about smaller hotels that have so much more personality and style, and you don’t feel like just a number in the hundreds of other travelers. Staying at boutique hotels has always been my preference – not to mention I hate waiting for elevators, don’t you?

The Jupiter has done a fantastic job of creating a modern take on an older building with mid-century modern aesthetics. The decor is whimsical and fun, and the vibe is friendly, welcoming and young.

Not only was it a fun place to stay, but they also have a really cool bar called the Douglas Fir lounge. The decor in the bar is sort of a cabin-like meet hipster bar, plus they also have live music events. I’m definitely a fan.

The best part of the Jupiter Hotel is the location. It’s close to a ton of amazing businesses and also public transportation (which is actually super clean and efficient!)

Here’s a list of my favorite places I was able to visit while staying at the Jupiter. 

Powell’s Books: It’s not only the biggest book store I have ever been to, but everything is so beautifully laid out. You can pretty much find a book on anything! If you’re a book lover, definitely put it on your list of places to visit.

Fettle Botanic portland: This amazing apothecary sells herbs, tea and all kinds of beautiful natural products. I got the Adrenal tea and I am loving it every single AM since I got back from my trip. The girl that was working there was super knowledgeable about all the alternative products they offer. Plus, the store is absolutely beautiful. A must see!

Voodoo Donuts: Everyone is always talking about how awesome this place is so I had to check it out for myself. Since there’s always a line at the downtown location, I opted to head to the Eastside location instead to avoid the huge crowds. The store is probably the most unique donut store I’ve ever been to! The donuts are delicious, super sweet, and I could only eat one – they really fill you up! I have no idea why I bought a dozen but I attribute to their beautifully fun designs and clever branding. From their store design, to their boxes, and napkins, this place knows how to brand.

Barista Coffee: I love me a good local coffee shop (forget Starbucks), and so I decided to check out this downtown location. I had this ahhhmaazing peach branding butter latte, and it was by far the best warm drink I’ve had in a while (or maybe ever?). I really miss this drink and wish I could have one right now… Plus the staff is super friendly, and the shop’s vibe is warm and welcoming. Always important right?

So that pretty much sums up my Portland getaway.

I love mixing business with pleasure, and Portland did not disappoint!

Until next time…

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