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What Is Health and Wellness?

The word “Health and Wellness” has become a very important concept in the market. It is the sole term that is seen in marketing activities as well as healthcare fields. It has to be understood that the term “Health and Wellness” has become quite popular as it has got universal acceptability. In fact, the term “Health and Wellness” has completely penetrated the minds of people by way of advertising campaigns and other forms of advertisements.

Truth is, the term “Health and Wellness” is an absolute truth that cannot be questioned as people are quite conscious about their physical health. These days, we often hear people say “I feel fine and do not have any diseases”. Generally, people who are fairly young in age would often say this statement. However, older people are more inclined to say “my body aches for some reason”my stomach feels nauseous and I have been feeling sick” etc.

Therefore, it is obvious that people have experienced or had problems with their health. They are naturally concerned about their physical health and there is no better feeling than healthy mind and body. Our bodies are always in a dynamic process of change and growth. So staying healthy and living a fulfilling life is something hard to stay on top of.

We can only realize the importance of good health if we understand the scientific aspect of wellness. To be in good health, one has to be in the “let-up” phase, which is in between the good health and the optimum state of health. This stage is seen as a transition between periods of inactivity and chronic illnesses.

We tend to be inactive when we are young and generally due to the fear of pain or illness that would appear on our body parts. The period in between this state of “let-up” is termed as the “active process”.

There are plenty of reasons for being in bad health and one of the most common reasons is the lack of correct knowledge and poor education. It is difficult to stay in the “let-up” stage unless we have correct knowledge about health and wellness. In fact, even doctors get in bad health when they do not properly understand health and wellness.

This is exactly what happened to me when I started taking courses for optimal health. One thing I found out was that the main concept in holistic health and wellness courses is being in a “let-up” state. In fact, they teach us how to stay in this “let-up” state by employing various therapies and services provided by them.

One of the therapies that I found very useful was Kundalini yoga. It is a technique that is very much concerned with self-healing and purification, therefore, has helped a lot of people in achieving good health. This therapy helps people in achieving proper health through relaxation and meditation.

One of the therapies that I was exposed to was meditation, which helps the body to calm down, thus reducing anxiety. During my course, I learnt techniques of concentration to help people get rid of stress and tension, thereby reducing the severity of symptoms. One of the tools that I was taught was called the Green Zone Technique.

It enables people to find out ways of boosting energy levels, improve blood circulation and through natural relief mechanism. The techniques used in the therapy of Green Zone include the use of rhythmic sounds to help people in establishing different areas of concentration within their minds.

These techniques help in boosting the energy flow within the body, which in turn helps in getting a feeling of strength and invincibility. Thus, I was able to understand that good health is attained through getting in touch with oneself.

There are many techniques and programs available in holistic health and wellness that people can use to enhance their health and wellbeing. The alternative therapies include yoga, meditation, chiropractic and hydrotherapy. It is up to the individual to decide which method of treatment they would like to follow.

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