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San francisco city hall weddings are  one of the most romantic and intimate places to get married in the city by the bay. I love smaller weddings and elopements and there is no more spectacular setting then the city hall. All of my city hall photography packages come with your whole wedding ceremony covered as well as a second location. Wardrobe changes are also included and welcomed. I know some of the most fun locations in the city and love to try some that maybe only you to know about. So please email me if you have any questions about my elopements or City Hall weddings.

Happy 2014! I am so excited about what this year brings and all the changes I am making with my business and life. I was lucky enough to already shoot the first wedding of the year at San Francisco’s City Hall. This is one of my favorite places to get married because of its elegance and simplicity. However what is more exciting about this wedding is this couple. He lives in Paris she lives in San Francisco though not for long. She will be trading her view of the Golden Gate Bridge to a view of the Eiffel Tower. The beginning of there story is truly a story of fate and proves that true love is meant to be. They met at San Quentin state prison as teachers not prisoners and after exchanging emails for awhile they knew that they were meant to be. I can’t wait for there formal wedding this August!

Picture of bride and groom after they get married at san francisco city hall
 Picture of bride and groom sitting after their city hall wedding
San Francisco city hall wedding
ceremony pictures of San Francisco city hall wedding
San Francisco city hall wedding
San Francisco city hall wedding
San Francisco wedding

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Tips

If you want a truly spectacular wedding, San Francisco City Hall is a perfect choice. You can even get one in China town or anywhere in the city!

No matter where you want to go for your downtown affair, there is a special place just for you. The bride and groom get special treatment here. You should be able to celebrate your nuptials with ease, since the city provides a lot of wedding planning resources.

There are several San Francisco City Hall wedding photographers. Before you decide which one you will hire, you need to make sure that the photographer has a good reputation.

To get a more detailed description of what the wedding photographer is going to do, you may want to get a professional license. This way, you can find out how a photographer takes pictures, whether he or she will be using flash or not and other details. You should also ask about any equipment, the photographer will use and about his or her rate.

San Francisco City Hall wedding photographers are usually freelance photographers. If you have never worked with a photographer before, you may want to give the job to someone you know.

One thing you may want to be very clear about is the rate for your San Francisco City Hall wedding photos. Many photographers charge on a per photo basis, meaning that they take your pictures for that price and charge you another one for every image.

If you decide to hire an independent photographer, you may want to find out if they charge a regular rate, or a fixed rate. If you are unsure about the fixed rate, make sure that you can give him or her a quote in writing. In this way, you can make sure that the fixed rate is not an exception.

If you are hiring a freelance photographer, remember that you will need to pay on a credit card. If you hire an independent photographer, he or she may have a different method for getting paid. Make sure that the payment is done through a company like PayPal or Google Checkout.

For a wedding planner, you need to send a resume. Most of the time, the photography company you hire will ask the wedding planner to send a resume as well. As long as you follow these steps, it will not take long for you to find a good San Francisco City Hall wedding photographer.

If you decide to save yourself a lot of time and get all the information you need from one source, you can call the business directly. It is better to talk to the photographers by phone, instead of the receptionist, because many times the receptionist will be busy or unavailable.

Other than getting a reservation at the San Francisco City Hall, there are other ways to make a reservation. Do not forget to ask about insurance, discount rates, or for discounts if you will have more than 100 images taken. Ask about the cost of traditional album formats, or even digital formats.

A San Francisco City Hall wedding is one of the most fabulous things to happen on earth. There is nothing to compare to the setting you will have when you get married in the beautiful City Hall.


To learn more about my city hall wedding packages please contact me. I have packages that are affordable and cover hair and makeup along with digital files.

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