Indoor Plants Health Benefits

Benefits of indoor house plants are commonly overlooked. Find out house plants can help your physical health as well as your mental health and wellbeing. If you are intimidated by the idea of keeping house plants healthy we have also included some easy to take care of house plants for you to get started with.

I am in love with all house plant decor and knew that they are natural air purifiers but after doing some research found that they have many health benefits you might not be aware of.

Plant spaces

We have all heard that houseplants can help purify the air but studies have shown how they improve your mental health as well as your physical health. I am not talking about the retail therapy that buying the house plants induced but studies have shown that turning your home into a jungalow can improve your overall health and wellbeing.

How House Plants can Help Mental Health?

If you or anyone you know has dealt with anxiety and depression sometimes the simplest act of doing something with your hands and watching it grow can do wonders. Now it is no surprise that there is an actual term for this and its called horticultural therapy.

“Horticultural therapy is a professional practice that uses plants and gardening to improve mental and physical health. A horticultural therapist works with any group that can benefit from interaction with plants, including veterans, children, the elderly and those dealing with addiction and mental health problems.”


Don’t worry though you don’t have to hire another therapist and spend an hr on their couch you can get this same chemical release by creating a beautiful space of your own with your own indoor plants.


How houseplants can Help physical health?

aesthetic plant in the bathroom

So now you know how your mental health can be improved by some healthy house plants let’s go over how they can help your physical health.

Purifying the air:

Cleaning the air is probably the most widely known health quality when it comes to house plants. If you are like me and have a weak immune system, things in the air can make you sick without you even knowing it. Also if you have kids that go to daycare or school house plants can help airborne illness not spread as easy and can reduce sickness.

Improved respiratory

So taking it to the next level after purifying the air house plants can improve your respiratory function. So if you have any lung problems or asthma the house plants are a good option for you to look into. 

This is because As part of the photosynthetic and respiratory processes, plants release moisture vapor, which increases humidity of the air around them. So if you need a vaporizer in your room you could also place several houseplants together to increase the vapor or moisture in your home’s air quality. 

Decreased pain levels

According to a study patients with live plants in their room reported less pain levels and were less likely to be dependant on pain killers and in general healed faster. That’s why a lot of hospice staff put plants in their patient’s rooms.

Different types of house plants for your plant home decor

Here are some modern house plants to get your house ready for plant spaces. Now everyone has a different definition for what their own aesthetic plants are but these should help you get started choosing plants around the house and you don’t have to be a landscape designer.


Snake Plant: “One of the toughest houseplants, snake plant can tolerate most indoor conditions. With its stately upright foliage that almost looks artificial, the snake plant—also called mother-in-law’s tongue—adds great architectural form to a room and complements all styles of decor. Like many houseplants, it helps filter indoor air.” Better Homes and Gardens

I love that definition so I had to copy and paste it. I think that it’s called mother in law’s tongue because it supposedly only needs to be watered once a week and is fairly tough. I think I might even have a hard time killing this plant. You can get yours here.

indoor snake plant


Spider plant: (Chlorophytum comosum) is said to be one of the easiest to grow and adaptable house plants. This plant can grow in a wide range of conditions and suffers from few problems, other than brown tips if you don’t water it on a regular basis. You can get yours here.


English Ivy: are some of my favorites in houses. A lot of the time in photos they are fake and you don’t even know but they are great for climbing on things or hanging on walls such as here. They really give your house that outside feel like you are living in nature. You can get yours here.


Indoor Palm: These you have seen on every millennial’s home decor blog or Instagram. They are pretty cool if I do say so myself. There are lot’s of different types of Indoor palms that you can choose from based on the look you are going for. 

They are fairly easy to grow but they do need to be indirect light. So if you live in a house with little natural light this not the plant for you. You can get yours here.


Pilea Peperomioides: These are also called “Chinese Money plants” so I feel like the more you have around the more you will be an attractor of $$. These plants are easy to grow and need sunlight through a window but not directly. They also need water about once a week. You can get yours here. This one also comes with a cool white pot. 

Marble Queen Pothos: These plants can survive in low light. So if you have a darker house this would be a good plant for you. It also likes dryer soil so if you are bad at remembering to water your plants then I would start here. You can get yours here.

Neon Pothos: This plant can adapt to lower light conditions but do better in bright indirect light year-round. You can get yours here.

Monstera Deliciosa: Chances are you have seen this plant before with these beautiful huge leaves. These plants need a lot of space so if you are looking for a bigger plant this one is great for you. A far as light goes these plants need a mix between light and dark. So don’t place them directly in the light or they will turn brown but also don’t put them in the dark. They need a happy medium. You can get yours here.

indoor house plants easy to take care of

Here you can see how Leafandlolo layered Marble Queen Pothos, Spider plant, and Neon Pothos with these wall planters.

wall hanging indoor plants

To start shopping for your indoor house plants check out the ones below. 



If you want to see how Christina used plants in her bohemian bedroom make sure you see this blog post. 

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