How I get 2M monthly views on Pinterest for more than one account

Learn how to increase your monthly Pinterest views and how I manage 2 accounts to grow my blog traffic.

Pinterest is one of the biggest sources of traffic for both of my websites. The growth that I have seen in my businesses since using Pinterest is incredible.

I’m currently seeing around 2 million viewers each month for both of my Pinterest accounts which is far  beyond what I would get for my websites alone.

So, how do you take your Pinterest account from stagnant to soaring success? Here’s my top tips:

Optimize Your Pinterest account Account

You’ve probably heard this before but Pinterest acts like a search engine. Which means that SEO applies to Pinterest in the same way that it applies to your blog or website content.

You want your account to come up when people search for relevant terms using the search bar at the top of their Pinterest account.

So think of a few keywords that you want people to be able to use to find your account. You don’t want to cram in a ton of keywords that make no sense when your viewers look at it. Craft a bio that reads as a proper paragraph but has your keywords sprinkled throughout.

Optimize Your Pinterest Boards

This follows on from my point above – you want your boards to show up when people search for certain words and phrases in :Pinterest

If you’re struggling to think of keywords use the Pinterest smart search to help you. For example, if you search “WordPress Tips”, you will see a whole list of other words in colored bubbles below – these are keywords that are often searched for alongside the main term “WordPress Tips”.

Add the relevant keywords to your board descriptions to help them get found by more people.

Grow your monthly views by Actively Pin Every Day

The key to Pinterest success is consistency. It’s about showing up every. Single. Day. and pinning high-quality content to your boards.

Pinterest loves active accounts so, actively pinning content to your boards every day lets them know that your account is, well…active. This means that your pins are more likely to end up on people’s home feeds which, in turn, means more visibility and more repins!m

But what should you be pinning?

Pin Popular Pins

You might have noticed that when you’re looking at boards within your niche, the same pins are coming up over and over again. They are the popular pins and the pins that you want to get pinned onto your own boards.

Why? Because you want your boards to be jam-packed full of high-quality content that your audience are going to love soaking up. This means finding the pins that are already performing really well within your niche and adding those to your own boards.

In addition to having great content on your boards, pinning popular pins can also help your boards get found. When someone clicks on a pin, they can see what board that pin is from and will often click through onto that board to see what else is pinned there too.

You might be thinking ‘but what about my own content’…

Pin Your Own Pins

It probably comes as no surprise that, if you want to improve traffic to your site, you need to be pinning your own content.

For each blog post or opt-in incentive you have, create 3-4 pins. Use different images, fonts and copy to mix things up a bit. Different visuals and wording will appeal to different people so creating multiple pins for each piece of content you publish means that you are maximizing the number of people that your pins will appeal to.

It’s a good idea to have a board dedicated to your own content where you pin everything that you publish to. But don’t stop there! Add your pins to every relevant board that you have.

There are a couple of ways that you can pin your own pins – you can pin directly from your site by using a Pinterest Pin It plugin or you can manually add your pins using the ‘Create Pin’ function within Pinterest.

Repin Your Pins

Although the lifespan of content on Pinterest is much longer than on any other social media platform, you can’t just pin your own pins once and forget about it forever.

Pin one pin when you first hit publish on a new piece of content on your website and then add further pins a week or so later.

When it comes to adding your pins to more than one board, try repinning from a pin that you already added rather than adding it as a fresh new pin each time.

Tailwind (my scheduling tool of choice when it comes to Pinterest) also has a looping feature which allows you to recycle your content. You add your pins to a SmartLoop and Tailwind takes care of the rest of it for you, re-circulating those pins for you indefinitely.

Join Group Boards

Group boards are a fantastic way to get your pins in front of thousands and thousands more people, even if your account is only small.

When you pin content to a group board, every other member of that group board can see it, even if they aren’t following you account. This works wonders for a number of reasons.

Firstly, people who don’t already follow you will see your content as it gets added to the group board and, if they like what they see, will head over to your account and give you a follow.

Secondly, most group boards have a specific set of rules that you have to follow, one of which is that you share content from the group board – this is usually a minimum of sharing one pin for every pin of your own that you add. This means that other people in that group board will be sharing your pins with their followers. So, if one other person repins your pin and they have 100,000 followers, that’s 100,000 potential new fans for you. And that’s if only one person from one group board repins your content, imagine if 10-20 people did from 5 or 6 different group boards!

Finally, the contents of group boards can be seen by everyone on Pinterest. So, if someone clicks on a pin that takes them through to the group board, they can scroll through the entire contents of that board, including any pins that you have added.

An added bonus of group boards is that they are a great place for you to find new, high-quality content to share with your audience that isn’t your own. As I just mentioned, most group boards require you to repin content from other members anyway.

Use Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribes are similar to group boards in that they are a great way to find new content for your boards and a place to share your content with other people who will repin it and share it with their followers.

Within Tailwind there is a section called ‘Tribes’. You can search for and request to join Tribes within your niche. From here you can add your own pins. Like with group boards, most Tribes have rules that need to be followed, including rules about how many pins from other contributors you must share.

Other members of the Tribe will then share your content with their audience. Again, this means that your pins are getting in front of an audience that they might not otherwise be able to.

Repin Content from Other People Who Pin Your Pins

Repinning content from others when it comes to groups and Tribes is one thing (especially as it’s often required by the rules) but it’s also really helpful for you to repin content from other people who pin your pins.

It’s kind of like those Instagram buddies that you have where you always like and comment on each other’s posts even though you don’t actually know each other!

Not only is it nice to show some support to fellow business owners but it’s also going to help your account grow. More repins of your content means that Pinterest will rank your content higher and more of your pins will start showing on people’s home feeds (where relevant to their previous searches). In addition to this, having your content pinned to other people’s boards means that their audience will see more of your content and, one of the best ways to ensure that other people continue to repin your content is to return the favor!

A word of warning on this though – only repin content that is relevant to your audience, don’t just repin for the sake of returning the favor if your audience isn’t going to be interested in it!

Stay on Top of Holidays and Trends

No matter what your business or blogging niche is, there will be trends and holiday-related content that is relevant to your audience. For example, if you have a food blog, there are going to be tons of seasonal pins around Thanksgiving that will perform really well in the weeks leading up to the holiday.

One key thing here is to plan ahead. There’s very little point in pinning Christmas Gift List pins on Christmas Eve after everyone has already finished their Christmas shopping (or at least won’t be able to shop online with delivery in time for the big day!)

Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience might seem like a super obvious thing to say. But when it comes to Pinterest you need to really understand them.

As well as pinning your own content – which you know they will love – you should also be pinning other content that you know they will enjoy but that you perhaps don’t blog about. For example, I have home decor and fashion boards because I know that my target audience will also be looking for that kind of content on Pinterest.

By following these tips consistently, you’ll start to see a difference in your views pretty quickly and, within a couple of weeks, those stats really should be skyrocketing.

If you’re interested in our bespoke Pinterest Management Packages, you can find more information about them here.

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