How to Get the Right Brides from Instagram

How to Get the Right Brides from Instagram

Where do brides first visit when they’re looking for wedding vendors? Instagram.

Brides know that with a quick search on Instagram, they can find dozens of wedding vendors in their area and instantly access their living portfolio (aka Instagram grids!)

The real question is, how do you stand out among other wedding vendors on Instagram?

With just a few tweaks to your current Instagram strategy (or getting you started with a whole new one), you can feel more confident in visually showing your ideal brides what you have to offer.

Your services are already wonderfully designed and extremely helpful to your brides. Let’s make them well-sought after too!


Post engaging visual content your ideal brides connect with

Nearly every bride already has a Pinterest board full of wedding inspiration to help them design their big day. Most brides are aware of their visual aesthetic and what they’re looking for so it’s up to you to show off your own unique style!

If a bride is looking for custom wedding invitations, she’ll jump on Instagram and see a large variety of calligraphy styles. Some are in gothic-style calligraphy, some are more rustic, and others are totally glam.

Because brides are often looking for a specific style, own your niche! Create visuals that stand out in your Instagram grid and try not to mix too many different styles. It’s better to appeal to your ideal bride than try to design for every bride. (Tweet it!)

On the subject of visual Instagram content, try mixing a few different kinds of photography. Not sure where to start? Here’s a quick list of ideas to help:

  • Lifestyle photos: These are any photos that showcase what a day-in-the-life looks like for you. These lifestyle photos don’t have to be extra fancy. A simple shot of you working on your laptop next to your dog on the couch is fun and relatable.
  • Behind-the-scenes wedding shots. Highlight some of the most special memories of your bride’s wedding day by sharing unseen moments your ideal brides can relate to.
  • Styled shoots. Styled shoots are a great way to make connections with local wedding vendors and have beautiful visual content you can use over and over again.
  • Flat lay. There’s nothing I love more than a good aerial view shot. Whether you want to style props on your desk or create a collage, flat lays are a great way to showcase your work.
  • Quote/Inspiration graphics: Who doesn’t love a good quote? Posting an inspirational quote is a great way to break up the photography, add something different, and give your feed some breathing room.

Use hashtags your ideal brides are already searching for

You probably already know that hashtags play a big role in your Instagram strategy but you may not know exactly how to find the right ones. Every wedding vendor’s Instagram feed seems to have different hashtags, so how do you know which ones are right for you? First, you’ll want to look at a few influencers in your field (preferably those who have a similar style to yours) and other wedding vendors in your area to see what hashtags they regularly use. Then click on each hashtag to scroll through the master feed and see if the top posts are relevant to what you do. The best hashtags are those that are frequently used but not overly popular where your Instagram post gets buried in the most recent post feed. For example, tagging your post with #wedding wouldn’t be strategic because there’s already 73 million (yes, we said million!) posts using this hashtag. Brides would never be able to find your post. Instead, you’d want to use a hashtag like #losangeleswedding if you were located in LA. This hashtag has around 38,000 posts so it’s been used enough to where brides will be searching for it but not too much to where they’ll never find your content. This can be duplicated for any location! Remember, all hashtags should be:

  • Relevant to your ideal audience
  • Highly engaging and high quality
  • Frequently used and visited
  • Non-spammy (because #ew)

Need some more help with finding the right hashtags for your ideal couples? I have a PDF guide of 300+ wedding vendor hashtags so you can copy and paste your way to Instagram success. It’s a great place to start testing and tweaking.

Comment on similar posts they comment on

I remember the first time a bride wanted to book me as her wedding photographer because she had seen me comment on a popular wedding inspiration website’s recent Instagram post. This was a huge ah-ha moment for me and ever since then, I’ve worked regularly commenting into my Instagram routine.

I highly recommend connecting with other wedding vendors in your area and consistently commenting on their posts. Not only does this help you create wedding vendor relationships for more referral opportunities, but it also puts you on local brides’ radar.

Let’s say a bride is looking for a caterer in LA which is where your floral business is located. As she scrolls through the local caterer’s Instagram feed, she sees you’ve been commenting on most of their photos and can tell instantly from your headshot and handle that you’re in the wedding business too.

When the bride pops over to your grid, she falls head-over-heels for your floral arrangements and sends a client inquiry on the spot. Who knew a quality lead could come from such a simple comment?