3 Ways to Feel More Confident as a Service Provider

3 Ways to Feel More Confident as a Service Provider on Instagram

I get it, booking services on Instagram can be TOUGH.


I get it. When I first started growing my Instagram, I’d look at my friends selling hand-lettered print or mugs with fun sayings on them and think, Wow, I wish I had an “easy” product to sell too.

A $10 print or a $15 mug is an easier sell than a $4,000-5,000 wedding package… and that’s the understatement of the year! Not to mention it being easier to visually show a product as opposed to a service.

But selling your services on Instagram isn’t impossible, It just takes an extra strategic plan and consistent execution.

So, let’s talk about what you should care most about on Instagram.

While likes and comments on your Instagram photos are awesome, they won’t pay the bills. I know, bummer.

Instead, your actions on Instagram should all lead to one big goal: attracting your ideal couples to book your services.

Now that we’re focusing on conversion, let’s talk about streamlining your client lead process through Instagram. (aka turning leads into clients!)

Invest in Tools That Help You Work Smarter > Harder

Working smarter rather than harder is the dream, right? It’s not about using the most amount of tools but rather

When you open up our toolbox, you’ll find some of our favorites:

Honeybook: This tool helps you from creating contracts to sending invoices to scheduling discovery calls and beyond! I can’t imagine my business without this booking tool. It was designed to be used for photographer studio management so I highly recommend it.

Planoly: We have fallen head-over-heels for this tool in our HQ office because it allows us to plan our Instagram grid ahead of time so our Instagram strategy is never put on autopilot. My favorite feature is the drag and drop photo arranger – it comes in handy.

Dropbox: This is another tool we love for cloud storage. Dropbox makes it easy to drag and drop files and automatically updates files to the most recent version.

Todoist: Our team’s to-do list on Todoist keeps us on track for all internal project and client deadlines. It’s easy for all team members to jump into the tools, check things off the list, and add comments if needed. There are other tools like Asana and Trello that do this too.

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Rethink Your Instagram Strategy

I believe in having a client-first Instagram strategy, especially when you’re a service provider.

The best way to start is by thinking about what your ideal client likes and what they need. You can take it one step further and dig deeper into what they value and desire outside of your service too.

Think about their ideal lifestyle, what life stage they’re in, what they’re visual aesthetic is like… all of these things will lead to a better connection.

After you understand your client, now it’s time to use those details to create content that will directly speak to them.

I like breaking my Instagram strategy into 9 key points I want my followers to know about me. That way, if a potential client is interested in possibly working together, they’ll leave my Instagram with knowing at least these 9 things about my business.

Then I specifically create Instagram content based on those 9 things. Easy, right?

Here’s a few example points from my Instagram strategy for my wedding photography business:

Wedding photography

#GIRLBOSS headshots – mix of boudoir and professional headshots

Lifestyle photos – home decor and other things I think my ideal client will like

Behind-the-scenes – sneak peeks at what I’m working on

Fashion – what I’m wearing, what my style is, etc.

Inspirational quotes – what inspires and motivates my ideal clients

Get creative with your own!

Take Time for Reflection

As you’re testing and tweaking different Instagram tactics and strategies, it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day grind. Without taking the time to reflect, you may be missing some serious ah-ha moments. (Tweet it!)

Self-reflection has always been a big part of my business and my creative process in general. Above all, it’s just really good for your health.

Naturally, journaling is a staple in my routine. I often don’t know what I think until I write it down. Do you feel the same way? #soulsisters

Journaling also helps you keep track of what your ideal clients really want and need. It’s great to journal after receiving feedback from a survey or from clients.

I usually like to either sketch out my ideas on paper or even create a full mind-map when I’m brainstorming.

Bullet journaling is another form of journaling that helps you daily log your tasks and set better weekly and monthly goals. You can even create daily spreads to track your water intake, exercise, and meals – all things that help our overall health.

Reading also helps you dive into self-reflection and reframe your mentality. My favorite self-development books are The Universe Has Your Back and Light Is The New Black.

Even taking my two Corgis for a walk helps me carve out time for reflection. I often find myself thinking about Instagram captions and writing better CTAs when I’m out and about. Weird, right?

How do you prep your Instagram before the flood of clients comes in?

This is one of the most common questions my clients ask me as they start to see their Instagram presence take off. It’s exactly why I created my free 7 lesson email course, Instagram Secrets. You can start preparing your Instagram feed as soon as today.