How much should you spend on the self care?

How much should you spend on the self care?


This question is extremely important to almost everyone. To those who have to care not only for themselves but also for their families, this question is crucial. Can you afford self-care?

Some Specialists advised that your monthly budget for self-care shouldn't be more than 10 to 20% of your income. That's was including gym membership, spa, manicure and pedicure, hairdresser, massage, and whatever generally makes you feel better about your appearance.

Clearly enough, your self-care budget can’t eat up the more essential parts of your financial planning. There is, of course, a controversy on what to consider essential and whether self-care is less important than, for example, clothing. Well, it might not be less important than clothing but making your hands meet with your grocery list is definitely a priority. Basically, it comes to a simple rule stating that your weave cant cost more than your car.

Luckily there are always more natural and healthy alternatives to some of the salon procedures. You don't have to do a fruity acid chemical peel if you have a tomato at home. You can also ask your friends whether they would like to exchange manicures. You can do yoga at home following specially dedicated YouTube channels for free. Nowadays you can even is a financing solution to cover that spa treatment you've been needing for such a long time.

The most important commodity we're missing in the modern world is time. Go ahead and find some time for self-care, and you will see how the solutions will turn up. Allow yourself something, treat yourself to something that you like, you can have him spoil yourself a little bit. You deserve it.