Dzen palace

Dzen palace


Let’s make necessary improvements in your lying space on a budget. These changes won’t cost you much and are manageable even on the smallest budget or a tiny loan.

When it comes to the energy flow around you every little detail is important. How to make the space where you rest, dream, eat and think about your daily life more friendly, more fulfilling, and more relaxing. Let us take and look at small changes I can bring a Big Change. After all your house is a reflection of your state of mind. So why not try and influence your State of Mind by adjusting just a few things in your surroundings?


It shouldn't come as a surprise live in the area where the psychological research blossomed, a fashion of keeping house plants blossomed with it. Humans might be highly Spiritual Beings but they're also connected to nature. There are plenty of studies that have shown that's being not able to see green around he's leading to skyrocketing levels of stress.

So consider making a small investment in your well-being by surrounding yourself with luscious green. The great thing about plants is that when you care for them they grow and multiply. So your initial expenses on buying some green to make your house more beautiful and serene will payout in the future just by taking the natural course.

Bright colors (dishes, vases, posters)

Surround yourself with beautiful and bright colors that will lighten up your mood and create an unbelievably happy and friendly atmosphere in your house. If you have a habit of starting your day with a hot beverage buy yourself a beautiful mug so you will be actually enjoying drinking from it more.

Get stunning vases and you will have so many more reasons to bring fresh flowers to your house ever so often. Your delicious and healthy food will become even more nutritious if you are consuming it from an elegant porcelain dish.


The first thing you see when you open your eyes and the last thing you see after a long day filled with new emotions is… your bed linen. Not only does it give you the feeling against your skin but it also has to be visually pleasing. Calm patterns, pastel colors, or even plain misty gray -- what type of color combination you find soothing and pleasant to the eye has to be a centerpiece of your bedroom. Textiles surround you in every room of the house. Imagine how important they are in your overall mood related to your visual sense. With a simple upgrade of the curtains, pillows, and throws, you can achieve a completely different feeling in your house.