About Claire

Start optimizing your health and wellness, so you can live your best life and be you. Let’s start optimizing your body, brain and life so you can preform at the highest level.

Picture this...

You’re out to dinner with your girlfriends and your food arrives.

The first thing you do is pull out your phone to immediately take a photo for Instagram. Rather than just being in the moment, enjoying your food, and relaxing with your girlfriends you find yourself trying to come up with the perfect filter, lighting, and caption.

Twenty minutes later your food is cold and your friends are annoyed with you.

Meet The Founder


Founder Claire Dobson has been a creative entrepreneur and wedding photographer for the past decade. With a combined social media following of over 60k, Claire has built a multiple six-figure photography and creative business much of which she attributes to Instagram and Pinterest.

By working only a few days a week, Claire is able to spend time with her son, two corgis, and cat, while also being able to work on other activities she loves like decorating her brand new home and drinking wine with friends. She also has the freedom and flexibility to hand-select the weddings she wishes to photograph all while being booked out several months in advance.

She now wants to help you to do the same.